Monthly Archives: August 2012

Moonstone Beach

There were lots of pelicans at the beach on our trip. One of them was in fact standing on the beach with an injured wing (another beach goer called animal rescue, who turned out to be one white-haired woman who captured it by flapping a sheet at it until it attacked the sheet, and then wrapping it up and carrying it off).


Opal doesn’t see why I think pelicans are elegant, but in flight they glide so beautifully.Image


OK, she has a point.







Still putting those petal shaped things around spirals. This design looks to me like coiled basket making — pine needles or willow withies.ImageScrapbooking stock, purple Pentel Hyper G 0.7


One Swimming Lesson

This occupied me for one of Opal’s swimming lessons:


Permanent marker on textured scrapbooking cardstock.

Never did get the hang of…

figure vs. ground. Well, actually, sometimes I do, but I prefer it when they’re balanced.

Hey, at least this time I have edges.