Monthly Archives: July 2012

Canning Season

Onward, ever onward…


Two or Three Arrows

Photography would be so much easier if I could hover in mid-air. But instead, you get interesting perspective effects.

Where To Be

It’s always a delicate question whether to go for vivid or for the ability to see the texture of the original paint. Both of these lean towards texture, but only mildly.

Rule Violation


Drawn with a pen I bought in Germany, which clearly says (in English) “For Documents”. A Schneider Xpress .8 mm fiber tip, quite pleasant to draw with, the body is a nice tapered shape and covered in soft bright green plastic, not at all waterproof. I do not know why it is for documents.

Two More Versions of Going Straight


I actually quite like this one in its original form (well, cropped and with added contrast), but the colorized one is easier to relate to.


Go Right

Street arrows and parking lot arrows are intended to be seen from a car at the blunt end. The shape changes from other angles.

Straight Ahead

I like parking lot arrows. They have more character than they’re supposed to. But black and white is dull and insufficiently metaphorical.


Super Opal!

Background too distracting? Use a mask and… abandon reality altogether. Opal chose the gradient map for the background.