Monthly Archives: June 2012

Oak River

Returning to more familiar locales, an oak tree on Stanford campus.



Berlin Reflections

The Berlin approach to merging old and new architecture appears to be to go for acres of glass for interesting reflective effects. Endless amusement.

There Will Be No Tigers

But now that we have had some bears, here are some lions.

First, the Indian consulate:


And a lion skin over a window at the Bode Museum:


Berlin Bears


These days, all the cool cities are dotted with painted fiberglass icons. In Berlin, they are bears. This one is outside the Egyptian consulate.


This one (photographed by Opal) is at Ritter Sport Choco World.

Hauptbahnhof Berlin


For the forseeable future, there will be photographs of Berlin. Opal did not become as fond of Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof as she once was of Potsdam’s (a magical place, where no matter which door you enter by, there is an ice cream shop and a book store right there!) But we did have currywurst outside and then pass through it admiringly. As a lucky bonus, out back we found a marvelous exhibit of wildlife photos.

I am still happy with the GF3 but have not mastered the art of carrying it around without bumping into it and doing who-knows-what to the settings between photos. Also, years of carrying Nikon DSLRs that sleep deeply and effectively have pretty much cured me of any instinct to actually turn a camera off when not actually putting it away for the day. I run myself out of battery all the time on the GF3, and often find it with interesting settings.