Monthly Archives: May 2012

New Camera, Old Obsessions

I bought a Panasonic GF3 and took it for a walk. I was, on the whole, very happy. It is a pleasant camera, the pictures are better than they looked on the screen, I am close to mastering it, having 2 lenses with the same diameter is genius, and it will never replace my Nikon for times when I am seriously taking pictures. Aside from the fact that this suggests that I will now vacation with 4 cameras (the phone, the pocket camera shared with Opal, the wandering around camera, and the serious photography camera) this is perfection.




I like power lines.  OK, here’s a slightly more conventional subject.



Looking Real

While I was working on this, a friend commented that it looked terribly real — more real than when she drew things. I understood her to mean real as in “real art” not real as in “real world”, since it’s non-representational. Thinking about it, this is because of two tricks, a cheap one and an expensive one. The expensive one is that if you do anything, with intention, for long enough, you get good at. You can think of this as 10,000 hours; or as the story of the Japanese potter who, when asked how he made such beautiful pots, replied “If you make a few thousand, some of them will be good.”

The cheap one? Line weight. I used two pens, a thick one and a thin one.


And because I’m doing this entirely from the iPad (just to see if I can), a totally gratuitous picture of it from Photobooth with kaleidoscope on: