Monthly Archives: July 2011

Like roses, but with more thorns

The outsides of fully opened flowers on this cactus are really quite like roses, or camelias. The centers are not.

white flower, pink stripes on the outer flower, hairy yellow center

The cactus flowers are rose like, except their deep, suggestive centers. Which are often full of bees.


Fish Reflections

This is technically a lousy photo in a lot of ways, and like everybody else, usually when I love technically lousy photos it’s for content, but in this case, I don’t even care particularly about the content. Fish are nice and all, but I can’t get all worked up about them. I just like the interplay between the fish and the reflections off the water. I think it is better bigger, which makes the reflections a bit more subtle.

fish seen from above with lines reflected in the water

Is it a picture of fish or of lines on the water?

Trumpet Flower

The little Panasonic out of my pocket again. The reviews say it doesn’t do macro well, but it does if you speak to it right.

inside of a flower, pink and yellow and orange

Broken Glass

I do not know what this was before it was broken. I do know that if you hang out in public photographing chunks of broken glass, people look at you funny. But it was pretty!

abstract photograph of the broken edge of a chunk of glass

Broken glass in sunlight

Spider web with water droplets

From my walk this morning to pay my utility bill and get a cup of coffee. Water droplets are very hard to resist.

Water droplets, spider web, bright green leaves.


I’m working on blogging more often, and separating out topics. This blog is for art (by my loose definition; I can’t tell art from craft), I’m leaving the stories about my kid, and the more random and arbitrary of my ranting, at OTOH¬†and with a kind of demented consistency, I’m putting the computer stuff at Naming Cats is Easy, Naming Blogs is Hard.

swirling design, vaguely leafy, in pink and orange outlined in navy on a green background

Another doodle all grown up and turned into art.